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At Fresh Aesthetics, we understand the value of natural beauty and the power of subtlety. Using our bespoke metric assessment system, we ensure our treatment plans are tailored to your unique features, helping restore balance and refine your natural looks.



Our mission is to preserve your natural beauty. We prioritise volume replacement and softening of shadows, with subtle enhancements coming secondary.

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With our non-surgical techniques and advanced skin treatment options developed in-house, we shape and contour your face safely, using the latest in medical technology and evidence-based practice. We are one of the most sought-after clinics due to our track record in safety, discretion, and consistent results.

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Our experienced team at Fresh Aesthetics consists of highly skilled AHPRA Registered Nurses, each with a unique specialty ranging from facial contouring to skin rejuvenation.

With extensive backgrounds in various medical fields and a passion for aesthetic excellence, our nurses are dedicated to delivering personalized and safe treatments. Their expertise and commitment ensure you receive the highest quality care, tailored to enhance your natural beauty.

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nurse Linda

Specialty: Customised Facial Contouring, Nose and Lips Enhancements

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Nurse Linda has over 13 years of experience as an AHPRA Registered Nurse, with a background in neurology, neurosurgery, and reproductive medicine. She crafts bespoke treatments for clients who appreciate undetected aesthetic results. Linda is known for her precise facial contouring techniques and full-face rejuvenation. Her work ethic and attention to detail have earned her a long list of returning clients.

nurse jenny

Specialty: Lips, Chin, and Temples Enhancements

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Nurse Jenny, an AHPRA Registered Nurse with experience in cosmetics and critical care, joined Fresh Aesthetics due to her belief in treating cosmetic procedures like all other medical treatments. She is passionate about educating and guiding her clients through their rejuvenating journeys, with a focus on natural beautification.

nurse anastasia

Specialty: Rejuvenation, Skin and Chin/Jawline Enhancements

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Nurse Anastasia, an AHPRA Registered Nurse, has extensive training in cosmetic nursing and stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and safety protocols. She excels in comprehensive consultations and progressive treatments, with a special interest in lower face rejuvenation and skin and hair rejuvenating treatments, including PRP therapy.

nurse sarah

Specialty: Rejuvenation, Mid-Face, and Lips Enhancements

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Nurse Sarah, an AHPRA Registered Nurse with experience in both cosmetic enhancements and cosmetic surgery, believes in minimal treatments and a natural approach. Her favourite treatments include rejuvenating procedures and PRP for radiant skin and minimal shadows. She is also sought after for her mid-face treatments, ensuring seamless and natural results.

nurse olivia

Specialty: Rejuvenation, Lower Face, and Lips Enhancements

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Nurse Olivia, an AHPRA Registered Nurse with experience in clinical practice and cosmetic enhancements, believes in a slow approach to treatments. She is known for her barely-there lip enhancements and lower face defining treatments, which help balance the entire face.
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