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At Fresh Aesthetics, we understand the value of natural beauty and the power of subtlety.  Using our tried and tested bespoke metric assessment system, we ensure our treatment plans are tailored to your unique features, help restore balance and refine your natural looks.



Our mission is to preserve your natural beauty.
We prioritise volume replacement and softening of shadows , with subtle enhancements, which come secondary.

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With our non-surgical injectable techniques and advanced skin treatment options developed in-house, we shape and contour your face safely, using the latest in medical technology and evidence based practice. We are one of the most sought-after clinics due to our track record in safety, discretion and consistent results.

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Specialty: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Lips

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 Nurse Linda has over 13 years of experience as an AHPRA Registered Nurse, has worked in neurology, neurosurgery and has a Masters in Reproductive Medicine. She has developed her trade and trained her eye in cosmetic aesthetics in both the UK and Australia. She now resides in the Eastern suburbs. crafting bespoke, Micro-‘Tweak’ments for her discerning clients who appreciate that undetected aesthetics results is the ultimate luxury.

Her warm demeanour and attention to the finer details enables her clients to trust that she will maintain the beauty and integrity of the natural face. Linda is well known for her non-surgical rhinoplasties using her in house, micro-droplet technique and her incredible full face rejuvenation, making her one of the most sought after nurse injectors on the market.

With clients from overseas and interstate, she now acquires clients predominantly through word of mouth. Her work ethic, priority to safety and scrupulous attention to every detail, is the reason for her long list of returning clients.


Specialty: Lip, Chin and Temples

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Nurse Jenny is an AHPRA  Registered Nurse, with experience in both cosmetics and ICU/critical care. She joined Fresh aesthetics as our approach and ethos is in line with her beliefs of how we should treat cosmetic injectables- like all other medical treatments. This means to always do the best for her clients and most importantly, to always approach treatments with consideration, care and put safety first.

She discovered her passion to help people in her early teens, which led her to nursing and discovering her love for cosmetic nursing. She feels honoured for the opportunity to educate, guide, and advise her clients through their non-surgical cosmetics journey.

Some of her favourite procedures to treat include temples, to help the hollows for a more youthful look, a natural lip full of hydration and definition and of course, her beautiful chin treatments for both length and projection.

You will find that Nurse Jenny, as with all our nurses, practices a no push approach and natural beatification using our progressive treatment method.


Specialty: Anti-Aging Skin and Chin/Jawline

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  Nurse Anastasia is an AHPRA Registered Nurse who’s passion has always lay in cosmetic nursing.  She has trained and shadowed some of the best cosmetic nurses and doctors in the field of aesthetics. From this, she has a wealth of knowledge and is always striving to be up to date with the latest techniques and safety protocols. Through extensive training, she is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to techniques; she has the expertise to know the best way in which to treat an area to ensure it yields optimum results for her clients.

Anastasia finds joy in comprehensive consultations as she finds it allows for her to have a better understanding of her client. Her treatment plans allow for her client to have progressive treatments while still seeing dynamic results.
She has a special interest in lower face rejuvenation to restore balance and ensure that this area is treated delicately through the aging process.

Anastasia is also our go-to for skin and hair rejuvenation treatments such as PRP (skin & hair) and our Under-Eye Beauty Boosters which helps to smooth, brighten and lift shadows from under tear trough region.



Specialty: Anti-aging, Mid-Face and Lips

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Nurse Sarah is an AHPRA Registered Nurse with experience in both injectable cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. She joined Fresh Aesthetics as she was drawn to our mission statement and our no push approach to injectable treatments and is a big believer in very minimal treatments.  Sarah has a warm and gentle demeanour which makes our clients feel they getting the best possible advice and care in her hands.

Her absolute favourite treatments are anti-wrinkle and PRP,  to slow down the signs of aging. She finds that radiant skin with minimal shadows and lines gives the biggest impact.

Sarah also has a special interest in lips;  she is very particular about where she places every micro-droplet of filler to achieve the best results for her clients. As with all our practitioners, she approaches filler in a progressive way as it gives the client and herself  the ability to take a step back and reassess.

Sarah has also been sought after for her mid face treatments such as addressing signs of aging, targeting specifically the nasolabial fold (smile line) and marionettes (pull-like lines that run down the sides of the mouth). Her natural approach ensures that results are seamless without an overfilled, bulky effect.


Specialty: Anti-Aging, Lower Face and Lips

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Nurse Olivia is an AHPRA Registered Nurse with experience in both clinical practice and injectable cosmetics. She joined our team as our treatment offerings and progressive treatments aligns with her own.  Olivia has a calm and professional demeanour, which makes her clients feel at ease under her care.

Just like with our other nurses, she finds enjoyment in the topic of anti-aging and treatment options for her clients.
She believes that less is more and takes a slow approach to anti-wrinkle treatment.

Olivia’s lip treatments are highly sought after by first timers as she has mastered her craft in the barely there look.

She has also seen a higher number of request for lower face defining as it helps balance the entire face and gives structure where is usually lacking. This is one of the treatment Olivia enjoys performing as every lower face metric is unique and needs an eye and precision to get just right.

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