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Aftercare Guide

Within the first hour of


Immediately after the treatment, you may experience some redness, swelling, tenderness, itching, and/or bruising around the treated area. Please avoid scratching and massaging. These symptoms generally pass within a few hours to a few days. If you are concerned about how you are healing, please get in touch with us.

Within ten hours hour of


– Avoid any strenuous exercise and consumption of alcohol as it may result in excess swelling and bruising.
– Do not lie down horizontally for the first 4 hours post-treatment.
– Minimise movement of the treated area; you may gently massage the area if there is a visible bump and it’s not too uncomfortable to do so.
– Do not be concerned if the area feels firm; this may be due to the area treated and the type of treatment used. It will settle and soften with time (usually around 2 weeks).

For Wrinkle Reducing Treatments

• Avoid makeup application for 4 hours.
• Avoid alcohol and exercise for 24 hours.
• Wash your face in an upward direction and apply facial products with gentle care.
• No facial treatments for 2 weeks.
• Results will start start becoming evident within 4 days, with full results in 2-4 weeks.

For Facial Contouring and Volume Restoration Treatments

• Treated area may be iced for comfort.
• Avoid alcohol and exercise for 24 hours.
• Avoid extensive heat/sun exposure for 48 hours.
• No facial treatments for 2 weeks.
• Do not be concerned if the area feels firm (this is swelling), it will usually settle and soften within 2 weeks.
• Avoid firm massaging or contact on the treated area.

Please contact us immediately if you experience

• Fevers and/or chills.
• Redness and hotness of the treated area, discolored web patterned blotches in areas that have not been treated, or blanching of treated areas.
• Severe or increasing pain at the treatment site.
• Contact us on 0467 813 290 if you are experiencing any of the above.

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important notice

As of April 2024, new TGA regulations prevent us from using the treatment names you are familiar with in our advertisements. This impacts how we communicate about our services in the future, but rest assured, our commitment to providing exceptional care remains unchanged. This update doesn’t change the laws about the treatments themselves; we will still be offering these treatments in clinic, but the way we talk about them will be different.

We understand this may cause some confusion about the services we offer. While we must be careful with our language due to these regulations, we want to ensure you that all your favourite treatments are still available. Please reach out to us for more details or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your options and the full range of treatments we provide. Read More