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At Fresh Aesthetics, we understand the value of natural beauty and want you to feel confident and empowered. Our tried and tested bespoke metric assessment system, we ensure our treatment plans are tailored to your unique features, helping restore balance and refining your natural looks.

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At Fresh Aesthetics, we want to preserve what is naturally beautiful. Our anti-wrinkle treatment softens fine lines and deep creases your face has acquired with expression and age, to reclaim your youthful radiance. It can also be used to relax overactive muscles, slim the face, treat a gummy smile and open up the eyes. Our goal is to subtly soften shadows that lines and uneven skin texture creates and to ultimately, slow down the aging process – without you feeling like you’ve lost the natural integrity of your face.

Dermal Fillers


Our approach to dermal fillers is to have you looking fresh, not fake. We use dermal filler to restore balance, lift and subtly plump of areas of the face that may have lost volume over the years. At Fresh Aesthetics, we have cleverly mastered the art of filler and its placement to create beautiful features that don’t just stand out on their own, but work harmoniously with the entire face.

We can create pillowy lips, gracefully reshape the nose, project the chin and define the jawline – all whilst keeping in mind balance and symmetry. We firmly believe that less is more, therefore, you can trust that we do the very best to honour your natural beauty with grace and integrity.



Skin Rejuvenation

PRP stimulates collagen and elastin production in skin. This thickens thin skin and tightens to improve fine lines and overall skin texture.

A great alternative for those who are not suitable candidates for tear trough filler.

Hair Regeneration

Non surgical regenerative PRP treatment contains growth factors which stimulate dormant hair follicles for more growth and also strengthens and thickens the existing hair.

Our services

From fillers to anti-wrinkle we have the solution to your beauty worries.

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We want to help re-define your natural beauty making you feel and look your best.

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Your post care instructions, for best results.

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